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Hi Dylan,

First off, thank you. You put out some of the most comprehensive content I've been able to find. I subscribe to your YouTube channel and have found it incredibly helpful and thorough. I am considering a test only cycle which would be my 1st cycle and I'm hoping the only cycle I ever do. I am 32, 6' 215lbs at about 14% body fat. I plan on dieting down to the 10% range before I start so if I gain fat along the way I'll still be in a comfortable body fat level for what I'm going after. I have been training since my teens which was mostly centered around strength and power training for sports (rugby, football, sprinting). Lately I have been training more of a power building routine. I am competent when it comes to dieting and training and understand all the principles within to diet correctly and build the proper training routine. I know my calories, macros, and overloading and volume principles, but not sure if I need to make any adjustments for being enhanced. After dieting down for the next 2 months I would be starting my cycle around mid April. The goal for this cycle is to fill out my shoulders and upper back which has always been my lagging muscle groups in my opinion. My hopes is to maintain as much as possible so I'm not always chasing these gains with another cycle. I believe myself to be nearing my genetic limit for muscle mass on my frame so my concern is I won't be able to maintain what I put on. I have listened to your content in regards to maintaining gains and understand compound choice, pct, diet and training play a prime roll in maintaining as much as possible.

So here is the question. Can you please review my game plan and critique it. I put it together based mostly on your content as well as all the reading and "research" I've done. I say research in quotes because they are anecdotal protocols based on others like yourself and not really any 1st hand research from medical journals if there is any such content available.

I plan on getting blood work done. How should I ask this from my dr? Do I tell him I'm doing a test cycle and need references? My dr is the preaching kind and he will certainly grill me. When should I get it done? Week before I start? Mid way through? At what point at the end of the cycle should I get tested again?

Test only cycle
Weeks 1-12 - test cipp at 250-350mg pinned weekly
I want to start low and have seen this to be a good starting point. What is the best recoverable dose with the least side effects that will still help me to achieve what I'm looking for? Is 12 weeks too long? Should I do it shorter?

25ga 1 inch to pin, 18ga to draw

AI - During cycle - week 1-14
Aromacin - 12.5mg eod - your suggested preference
Adjust according to blood work in week 6

HCG - week 11-14
1000iu per week Last 4 weeks up until day before pct

PCT - week 15-18
Clomid - wk 15+16 @ 50mg daily , wk 17+18 @25mg daily
Nolvadex - wk 15+16 @ 40mg daily, wk 17+18 @20mg daily
Aromacin - 12.5mg eod same as during cycle
Does time of day matter? Should it all be taken at once? Empty stomach or with food?

Sarms in pct - I have not looked into this nearly enough to be comfortable with doing this part but from what I gathered from you...
Mk-2866 - 25mg daily wk 15-18
Gw-501516 - not sure of dosing, but 30 mins prior to workout on workout days and all at once on off days

Would sarms alone be a good option for what I'm going after? Avoiding test all together? Once again I haven't looked into this area nearly enough but the handful of times I've looked it up I see a lot of conflicting opinions whereas everyone agrees with test and the side effects and protocols are well known, which is why I'm leaning that way.

Lastly should I add a compound like equipoise or Winstrol to finish off my cycle? I know test only is strongly suggested as first cycle to see how your body reacts and I'm fine with that. But if adding a compound is a good addition where would that fit into this game plan or is it unnecessary.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your response.


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okay before we go any further... all im seeing for your goals are you saying you want to fill out your shoulders and upper back? thats it???


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Just to let you know, 215 at 6' and 14% bodyfat should not be even close to genetic limit, so I'm not sure where you got that from