1. S

    Sarms for woman GW and LGD 4033

    Hello Dylan and Rick, I have a question with regards for Sarms for women. I am athletic build 5'5" 135 and am a CPT...I am looking at stacking GW and LGD-4033. is that a good stack as I am looking to add lean muscle bulk and add definition while keeping BMI low without bloating or looking like a...
  2. N

    Stacking SARMS for fat loss in women

    Hi! I have been listening to many of the YouTube videos and trying to learn a lot about SARMS. I have a transformation competition coming up and want to win! Of course I’m in it for the sustainability as well. My main goal is to cut fat. Unfortunately I can only afford 2 SARMS to stack for a...
  3. T

    Clen and women.

    My girlfriend is cutting for her new competition in the bikini/physique part. She wants to know how she should proper dose clen. I was thinking the normal 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. First week starting at 40 mcg the first week then the second week up it 60 mcg for the second week. Then repeat the...
  4. J

    Weightloss SARM

    Hi all, My wife is wanting to give SARMs a try. I did some research and liked the the stack that Dylan suggests and that many have used on here with great success. However, my wife said she wants to start small and that four different SARMs was too much right off the bat. Is there a stand alone...
  5. J

    Real, Quality Anavar

    Hi all, I am looking for a new domestic anavar source for my wife. Anyone (preferably women) have experience with var from domestic sources on here? My biggest fear is ordering her Dbol in place of the var. She does her own cycle research, but I'm in charge of sources, which means it's my fault...
  6. Guarionex

    Post Partum advise

    Ok people, and ladies, your input will be of great value. My wife had our second child three weeks ago with C-Section. Still swollen from surgery but revovering well. She still lactate but not enough for the baby so he's in formula only. She wants to get in shape although she's not exactly a...
  7. G

    Ostarine side effects for women

    Are there any women on here that have and side effects while on ostarine? My wife has been on ostarine for a little over two months and has noticed that her menstrual cycle has been very sporadic and almost seems that she is always pmsing and moody. Does the ostarine usually affect a woman's...
  8. J

    Clenbuterol and Women

    Hi, all. My wife wants to run clen, but after doing more digging I'm a little skeptical. I've read a few nasty stories, but also a lot of women talking about how they love it. Her and I have both used albuterol no problems in the past when getting ready for a show, but who I currently order...
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