1. O

    Ostarine/Cardarine for cutting.

    Hello, I ordered a few bottles of Ostarine/Cardarine to do the following planning : 0-3 weeks : 10mg of Ostarine everyday 0-7 weeks : 10mg of Cardarine everyday 3-8 weeks : 20mg of Ostarine everyday --------------------------------------------------- This is my current body : Body fat : 26.4%...
  2. Cocopiny

    Gaining mass beyond Natural Capacity

    Dear Friends Firstly I want to say no I’m not natural and have not been for years (in case the title confused you). My stats atm are - 174cm, 88kg @ ~8% body fat. Been training hardcore for almost a decade now and on gear this is the end of my 3rd year. I’ve clearly achieved and surpassed my...
  3. T

    Going on a big diet

    Hi I am on a big diet and I am losing weight from over bulking currently I am getting s4 stenabolic and cardarine to stack as the triple stack should I add any other components for an ultimate weight loss experience?
  4. C

    Sarms advice for my wife

    My wife wants to simply lose weight; anywhere from 15-20+ lbs. She doesn't want to gain or bulk up, much less have a bodybuilding body. What do you recommend she take in order to lose weight and obtain feminine definition? She's on a daily cardio regimen. Thank you very much for all your help!
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