testosterone propionate

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    Finestgears -Testosterone-Based Steroids: How Do They Function?

    What is testosterone? The primary hormone in men has more than one job in the body. It not only helps men develop their sexual traits, but it also affects their overall health. For example, it can help prevent or treat osteoporosis and inflammation. Around the time a boy hits puberty, his body...
  2. B

    Cycle help

    I am 5.9 wt 182.5 bf 15% My previous cycle was 12 weeks dbol , test , deca. Gained abt 10lb muscle. Lost about 5lb muscle after cycle.I am planning a new cycle for cutting using Anavar 50mg, test prop 100mg eod, proviron 50mg x 8 weeks 1. Should i decrease dose of any of the compounds esp test...
  3. L

    Testosterone Propionate Cycle & PCT

    For starters, some information, I am 19, 5’7, 130+ lbs. skinny af. Been doing a lot of research on test prop as that is what I have chosen to go with compared to other esters. Was planning to do 100 mg every other day. But I do need to get blood work done first of course. I was wondering if I...
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    First time user seeking advice

    COMPLETE stats; Age -- 26 Height -- 5'10 Weight -- 233 lbs (106 kgs) Body fat-- 20% Years of training -- 9.5 years Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) == never, so far completely natural PCT for each cycle --- never needed as natural so far Goals -...
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