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testosterone propionate

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    Cycle help

    I am 5.9 wt 182.5 bf 15% My previous cycle was 12 weeks dbol , test , deca. Gained abt 10lb muscle. Lost about 5lb muscle after cycle.I am planning a new cycle for cutting using Anavar 50mg, test prop 100mg eod, proviron 50mg x 8 weeks 1. Should i decrease dose of any of the compounds esp test...
  2. L

    Testosterone Propionate Cycle & PCT

    For starters, some information, I am 19, 5’7, 130+ lbs. skinny af. Been doing a lot of research on test prop as that is what I have chosen to go with compared to other esters. Was planning to do 100 mg every other day. But I do need to get blood work done first of course. I was wondering if I...
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    First time user seeking advice

    COMPLETE stats; Age -- 26 Height -- 5'10 Weight -- 233 lbs (106 kgs) Body fat-- 20% Years of training -- 9.5 years Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run) == never, so far completely natural PCT for each cycle --- never needed as natural so far Goals -...