Testosterone Propionate Cycle & PCT


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For starters, some information,

I am 19, 5’7, 130+ lbs. skinny af. Been doing a lot of research on test prop as that is what I have chosen to go with compared to other esters. Was planning to do 100 mg every other day. But I do need to get blood work done first of course.

I was wondering if I could get any tips from some vets pertaining to being on cycle? What I need to watch out for?

Pertaining to PCT, would nolvadex and clomiphene be enough for me? Specifically, how should I go about with PCT and how much of my gains will I lose?
Mate here's some advice EAT, train , sleep , repeat . You are way too young for any PEDS and haven't trained for very long at all . Some guys here like myself trained for 15-20 years before we went the PED route . Your natural test levels will never be higher than at your age , stop been impatient looking for the fast fix putting on muscle takes a lot of time and effort .
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Fast gained is fast lost. And your t levels will certainly be worse after cycle. So you will end up still skinny but lower T levels.

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