1. Mark Diesel

    Halotestin dosing protocol for powerlifting

    Seeking advice from experienced halotestin users. Do you find dosing halotestin once a day as a pre workout, or split doses am/pm to be better for strength gains? Thanks for any and all input.
  2. O

    First SARM cycle

    Hello everyone, I am new in the forums and new to gear, SARMS, etc, I have never taken anything other than whey and casein protein. Like many in the forums I am in the of some beginner/ rookie advice. Initially I had done some research and wanted to do for my first SARMS cycle to stack S4 and...
  3. H

    Please help need stack for endurance, strength, and agression

    Hello, i am new to the forum so i will try to be within all of the rules. I'm looking to create a stack with the primary goal being endurance, and secondary goals of strength, and aggression. I have done some cycles in the past, but it has been some time. I'm 6'1, 215 and have began dropping...
  4. B

    New Member - Intro and Reason for being here

    Hey there guys and girls, Found the forum while investigating a supplier, Aces Pharma. Joined the forum today in hopes of reading a bunch of posts that have anything to do with older lifters (40+) running gear as TRT. I have been lifting off and on (More on, than off) for decades through kids...
  5. V

    A Healing Super Stack Log ( S4 + LGD + GW + MK2866 + MK677)

    Hi! I finally received my SARMs to Sweden and I started using them last Tuesday (18th of October). I ordered S4, LGD & MK2866. After some considerations, I’ll also be adding GW & MK677 for the full healing super stack. I’ll add those two in as soon as I receive them (should be early next...
  6. C

    Starting my first cycle

    Whats going on ladies and gents! So I'm looking to start my first sarm cycle and before I get into what I'm looking for, info about me. im 5'7" sitting at 148 lbs lifting for 5 years now. I have taken dmz 3.0 before as well as 4.0. I'm looking to build lean mass / strength and I'm not...
  7. B

    New to this dont know where to start

    Hello people of the internet, I have reached a point in my training where i feel that i need a bit of a step up. I am a powerlifter and have not made any notable gains across any of my lifts in round about a year. I'm looking into what I can take (mostly orals/short half life/etc) for strength...
  8. samsonbryant

    sarmsx power stack

    so im probably going to run the sarmsx "8 week power stack" that contains ldg 4033, rad 140 and s4, my only question is rad isn't rad meant to be dosed at 20mg a day? this cycles only supplies enough for 4 weeks at that amount or should i stick to 10mg a day for this stack rather than purchase...
  9. U


    So I am fairly new to SARMs and have many questions I am hoping you guys can answer! First off : I did one month of SR, GW, and Osta- did not notice any significant differences in performance. Next month, I took a stack of RAD140, SR,and a test booster - strength increased, and I felt pretty...
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