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    Need HELP, Wants to know a good stack.

    Hey guys, Im need help trying to see what stack of SARMSX I should look into getting to get into a physic close to like Chris Hemsworth or like the Harrison Brothers? Im in decent shape right now. Im 6FT and weigh about 220. I do have a big frame (I look more like im bulky than fit I think but...
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    New to the board introducing my self and a hypotheticalcycle question

    New to the board introducing my self and a question. Hi dylan & Whats up people? Lifting on and of since around 13. im 26 yo, 6'2", 218 lbs, will push to 230 before i start, at 14% bf (sr9009 and my current diet will be changing that). Already done about 6 cycles of very low dose suplements. I...
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    Need info on SARM cycle, appreciate any help!

    I was suggested to get rad-140 and lgd-4033. Get two of each and take one of the droppers a day in the morning. This is all the information my friend in the navy gave me before his ship left port. I would really apprciate some more information. What's the most reliable source to buy them...
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    Cratus Labs

    Hi guys, I'm sure its been posted before but has anyone had luck getting Cratus labs into Australia? Cheers.
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    SARMS Help.

    Hello to everyone that reads this and thank you in advance. I'm 17 years old and have never been super strong. I wrestle in high school and strength has always been my weakness. I decided over the summer I would try a sarm. A friend slightly older than me recomended them. I looked a little bit...