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sarm newbie help

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    how to keep TEST up on sarms cycle?

    Hi everyone.. Ordered everything I want and need for my goals listed below s23 10mg ED rad140 10mg ED lgd4033 5mg ED exemestane 12.5mg EOD diet is moderate carb high protein low fat to start shedding some pounds Im a former powerlifter but now I just want to become an absolute beast. My bf is...
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    First sarm cycle help

    Hi i Have been lifting for 2 years now consistently. Im 6 ft 180 pounds and 15% body fat. I experimented with a 400mg a week test cycle for 12 weeks. Gained some mass and also fat. I heard of sarms, therefore i want to try them instead of steroids due to the side effects. Can somebody give me a...
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    Rad140 + DMZ

    I have been looking at a lot of sarms and prohormones just because I really enjoy reading about them. Just out of curiosity, what do you think about a DMZ and RAD140 stack? Not necessarily for me, but just the stack as a whole. Also, this is kind of a dumb question but it has me thinking. RAD140...
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    Newbie considering his first cycle of sarms

    Hello guys as the title says I'm here for some advice. Up until this point I haven't used any substances other than good ole protein and creatine but I've honestly plateaued. I've been reading a lot about sarms and am thinking about cycling ostarine and cardarine for a recomping cycle. Question...