1. R

    Prami Insomnia

    Ive been running prami .25 mg EOD for the past 4 weeks as i was running deca 250 mg and test 375 mg/week, by the 2nd week i started getting insane insomnia,but weirdly only on days i trained. So i increased my cardio to 35 mins on weight training days and 25 on non training days steady state...
  2. W

    Summer Cycle Question - Dylan Gemelli please thoughts?

    Hey everyone, cycle question for you all. Stats: 26 years old 6'4" 245lbs (17%bf) About 1 cycle a year for the last 5 years (ran almost everything) I'm going to be running the following: weeks 1-20: Sustanon 400mgs a week (mon, wed, fri) weeks 1-20: Proviron 30-40mgs ED weeks 1-20: GW...
  3. biggamike

    Prami dosing mistake!

    So I took my first dose of Prami Tuesday night. I'm running Tren E at 400mg a week in my current cycle. Like a dumbass I misread the dose on the bottle which is 2mg per ML. My intention was to take .25mg...for some reason, maybe because it was so late I thought it was 1mg per ML so instead of...
  4. biggamike

    Prami dosing for Tren

    Good Evening Brothers! I'll be running Tren during my next cycle dosed at 375mg per week.... This isn't my first time using my 5th but it will be my first time using Prami as a way to combat the Prolactin sides because Dylan said so! I know that Caber is supposed to be dosed at...