1. M

    Pharmalady Order received early. SWEET

    Was worried my order may go missing in the mail due to minimum capacity at the post office. But actually it arrived a day early instead.. Hell yea. *6 tren ace *2 mast prop And he kept his promise of the extra 2 free mast prop from the promo. Its beautiful.. I'd post some pics for you guys...
  2. R


    Pharmalady went above and beyond to assist me when some shipping issues happened that were truly my fault she still went above and beyond to ensure I got my order. 100% recommend.
  3. B

    Pharma Lady Review

    I am new to this forum. I have been reading just to get information. It has been very helpful. I found sources for products from this forum. I appreciate the information that every one provided. I want to give a positive review for PharmaLadyI received my product very quickly and I am very...
  4. Free2burn

    Pharma Lady Bloodwork Global Anabolics Test E

    I'm new to this forum, but I've been checking this out on and off. This review is based on my experience with Global anabolic. This is my 2nd cycle, the first one was with legend pharmaceuticals test e only. Now with global anabolic from pharmalady I did a 12 week test e and deca cycle. I didn't...
  5. Blue_Shine

    Pharma Lady Glotropin vs Jintropin, a 10 month trial and review

    I had sought out to compare the two, and so I ran each for 4 months interchangeably: I did 3 months Glo, switched 3 months to Jin, and then back to Glo for 2 months, back to Jin for 2 months. I do realize that it's not the best case scenario for a selective comparison. Both were run on their on...