Pharma Lady Glotropin vs Jintropin, a 10 month trial and review


I had sought out to compare the two, and so I ran each for 4 months interchangeably: I did 3 months Glo, switched 3 months to Jin, and then back to Glo for 2 months, back to Jin for 2 months. I do realize that it's not the best case scenario for a selective comparison. Both were run on their on without gear, T3, last 4 months with SARMs, 2 on each compound.

*Blood test are sadly not available, but IGF level were checked after 3 months period on each compound (along with other tests)

- Based in high IGF both appeared to be legit compounds.
- Based on results, both appeared to be legit compounds, as well.

- Jin scored higher on an IGF test, considerably. Having said that Glo also scored high, definitely real, in my opinion.
- Jin produced slightly more water retention, Glo had side effects with numbing of the joints, Jin had NO other side effects, felt very clean.
- Both worked fairly well with SARMs (props to Dylan for recommending the stack)

Pharmaldy service
- I had ordered roughly 7 shipments, including other compounds, both Glo and Jin were always in stock and shipped quickly
- My shipments were seized twice by customs, pharmalady IMMEDIATELY reshipped at no cost.
- The repacking of the hGH by Pharmalady is great and clean, when shipments were seized it was NOT because they identified it as GH.
- I have full faith in her line of products, and service, as I stated in the past. Her prices are great for LEGIT compounds!
- Thank you Pharmalady.

My take: I would opt for Jin any day of the week. Granted, it's more expensive, but a GH cycle isn't supposed to be a cheap pursuit. No side effects like I got with Glo were a great deal of fun to avoid. I would definitely recommend Pharmalady as well, and will be happy to vouch for this review if asked in a private message. Also, SARMS stack great with this compound for those not interested in pricking, very steady gains that are maintained well after the SARMs cycle was done.


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Thanks for sharing your detailed review. I'm currently running Pharma Lady's generic right now and it seems very clean... hardly any sides at all. I had the same sides as you with the Glotropin... carpal tunnel, joint pain, etc... but it was very effective. I plan on trying the Jin in the future.

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