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    Lean Mass cycle

    I’m my ifbb training buddy outlined a cycle for me for lean mass gain. It seems like a lot to me and wanted to get y’all’s input. I’m 6’3, 235, 14% bf The cycle is Test C Npp Eq Primo Turinabol Weeks 1-6 Test 500/ week Primo 600/ week EQ 400/ week NPP 150 eod Turinabol 40-80mg ed Weeks 7-12...
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    Sarms for Skinny fat

    Greetings to all I know theres a millie threads on this skinny fat issue which I've been on ever since 18 now 33 yrs I got the worst type body swear and its so hard to build muscle I've been training ever since I was 17 but not consistently and mostly lightweight Here's my info Weight 85kgs...
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    S4 or MK-2866

    I'm stuck between S4 and MK-2866 when it comes to taking them. My goal is to put on more lean muscle mass but stay lean or even get leaner. Also if you could provide the recommended dosages fro each. I will be only taking one of them no stacking. Please help
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    First SARMS Cycle

    Hi there everyone, I am currently 20 years old and weigh roughly 175 lbs with a 11% BF. I have been training for about 4-5 years now but these past 2 years have really cracked down on my diet. I am looking into taking my first SARMS cycle but don't want to stack any together, I want to stick...
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    Lgd workout routin

    Hello, I am curious as to if its better to workout muscles split up throughout the week i.e.: one group per day or stick with chest/ tri/shoulders, back/bi, legs. (That second split i will rotate 2 times a week). I am currently running LGD at 10mg in the am for a 12 week cycle. Stats...
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    44 Year Old - First Cycle Looking for Advice

    Hi Everyone. This site has been super helpful in learning about SARMS. I'm so glad I found this forum before making any purchases. I was about to pull the trigger on some things from EA...and I would have regretted it based upon the experts I'm reading here at iSARMS. Thanks again for saving...
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    If you had to choose between the two stacks, LGD4033, Mk677 vs LGD4033, S4

    If you had to choose between the two stacks, LGD4033, Mk677 vs LGD4033, S4. If you dont mind saying the dosage you recommend for either stack Currently only taking LGD4033 at 15mg from enhanced athlete. 10mg in the morning, 5mg after lunch/pre-workout. I went with 15 mg because thats what prime...
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