help needed

  1. T

    New to Sarms thinking about rad 140

    (first of all sorry for any grammar mistakes or bad English in general this ain't my mother tongue)Hi i came in here to try and get some answers from experienced people like you guys, I have been doing a lot of research and found a website(Muscle zone) that sells sarms does anyone know if this...
  2. K

    Question about first cycle

    Hi everyone! Looking forward to gainz and learning from and with you guys. I am currently running an Ostarine, GW 501516 and methyldiazirinol cycle at 25:10:20. I have read many different views on AI and pct’s. I was going to get blood work done now and after my 8 week cycle. What would you guys...
  3. RUCingdsgainz

    Chlomid/Nova cause drop in libido?

    Does chlomid and nova drop your libido? I thought it was supost to help bring it back. I am going on week 5 of pct decided to add another week to help give my body a boost. But still I feel like my libido is still really low. Blood work scheduled for Monday the day i finish week 5 of pct...
  4. mlreynol9

    Newbie! First cycle!

    Hey everyone, first time here. I am competing in my first bodybuilding competition in July of this year, and I want to look my very best! I have been training extremely hard for the past 14 months, without gear. I want to run a cycle, but nothing too crazy, something very mild. I heard...
  5. M

    Need help Guys

    What do u guys think about swarms etc etc ?
  6. JamesT

    Blood Works - Please Help Interpret (High E2) I hope that you can either see this embedded, or just click the link to see my most recent blood works. Stats, Story, Goals etc here As mentioned in above link, I don't trust my doctor's recommendations much - and believe I'll get better opinions of what...
  7. C

    Delivery issues

    Hey guys, I placed an order with sarmsx on the 3rd of november, and it still hasnt arrived. The latest update i recieved from track and trace was the 14th of november and it said the package has arrived to my country (denmark) and is on its way - however since this is so long ago, i started to...