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    Mild Gyno Advice

    Hey guys, I would like to post here about my situation with gyno to see if I can get some help with my situation to see if I am going in the right direction, thanks in advance for the help. To start off I got my run in with gyno after a bad SARM cycle in which I got some bad dosage advice with...
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    First Cycle, Gyno Onset

    Hey guys, if you're reading this thank you in advance for taking the time. Anyway I am currently running 1.5cc of Test Prop every other day and I have been on Arimidex from the get go, I take a quarter tab every day along with my vitamins rather than half tab every other day which is the norm...
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    Symptoms of gyno - not sure why?

    Hey guys, So the past few weeks I have been experiencing sore nipples with a slight lump beneath. I previously had experienced some Gyno symptoms from my Blast cycle of Testosterone 300mg and NPP 300mg, but this was around 3 months ago. I have not been on a steroid cycle since then. Currently...
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    Cycle complication Flu shot / gyno?

    Sudden Gyno Help! Follow up post Hi Guys. Appreciate the help and appologize for long entry and if it's paranoia. I posted a day or two ago about my right armpit and pec suddenly getting swollen with armpit pain the night of getting a Flu shot. However it started to appear to be a gyno flare up...
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    Gynecomastia specialist said its just fat?

    I'm 31 and just finished PCT on my second cycle(500mg a week of test e with .5mg of ADEX) . After coming off PCT i started getting hot flashes and burning in my chest so I jumped back on Nolva and is stopped but now I'm all bloated lower body fat looks higher and my chest which always had extra...
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