1. S

    Cardarine for fatloss

    Hey guys. I am about to start cardarine for fatloss is there anything I should know before starting like some people are saying it causes cancer some are saying use s23. Anyone who used cardarine how effective it was for fatloss or should I use s23?
  2. C

    Fat loss help

    Hello I’m looking to start a new cycle, but only this time I want fat loss. I was recently 5 weeks ago on S4 (Andarine) and GW. I liked my results. Lots of muscle, although my weight went up. The scale makes me bite my nails. I hate it. I’m 5.3-5.4 at 145 pounds. Went from 138 to 145. My...
  3. samsonbryant

    cut quickly

    Anything i can use to help me get 10% bf im currently 13.5 % people say its easy as shit to get to and maintain, all i want is be able to see abs honestly, and last time i dieted it fucked over so bad, i lost almost a years worth muscle gain and Strength from attempting a cut, i had no idea what...
  4. R

    SARMS VS STEROIDS | Beginner Cycle for Newbie | Fat loss | Lean Muscle

    Hi Guy's My current status: Age:29 Weight: 205 pound PBF: 33 % Total Body water: 99.4 Dry lean mass: 36.8 Body Fat Mass: 69.6 Note: Please find the Attach image Goal : 180 PBF : 9-10 % Time duration: 6 months . Want to have the transformation like this. This guy Age : 52 Weight ...
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