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    Need a little help from the experts here

    I'm 31 years old 5'11 204 pounds roughly looking to start a sarm cycle, in doing so though I've only purchased LGD-4033 thus far. I would like to add another sarm to the cycle for better results any ideas as I should have said my apologies I'm looking to bulk for a little more size. My test...
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    Test tren D-Bol winstrol and hgh

    Hey guys I just wanted a good opinion on my next cycle I’ve done 4 cycles and last cycle was test tren and anavar for 10 weeks now I went down from 15% body fat to 12% am 218 pounds solid 30 Years old and height is 5,11 I am trying to do a 16 week cycle. I also have gw501516 and mk2866 PCT...
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    Pre contest 16 week bulk cut cycle

    Hi everyone i am new here I want to do a pre contest cycle Height 6 ft Weight 83 kgs I have done 3 cycles in past I dont want to do high does as i am scared of side effects The cycle will go like this 1-16 Hgh 4iu 6 days a week because of budget 1-4 Anadrol 50 mg ed 1-16 Test E 500 mg per week...
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    Anadrol test cyp and deca

    This is my third cycle so far so good now am getting ready to start in 3 months after I recover is going to be a 14 week cycle but am trying to do deca for 10 i need som help please advise me how to properly run anadrol deca and test cyp I have arimidex cycle assist and caber also nolvadex...
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    Hello ladies and gents Question; if i have to take 20mg of a certain sarm how many ml s is that. I bought sr9009 and rad140 but a little confused on measurements cause the bottles measurement s show ml
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    Please Help

    Hi To All I just started my first cycle Test... E.. 500mg per week n im running arimidex with my cycle but something bad is happening I feel tired, I have a dry mouth, and worst of all is that I'm losing hair of first I thought it was the testosterone but ask other people and they told me...
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    Sarmsx vs Sarms1

    Hello Dylan, why are you now with sarmsx and not any longer with sarms1??? Both sides say the products of the other company are bad and underdosed. Whats going on with that whole story dylan???
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    First Cycle (Test E and Primo)

    Hello Dylan, Big fan of yours. I am planning to run my first cycle coming week. I have Test Enanthate and Primo on my hand and I have done alot of research over how to dose this but I can't seem to find a consistent recommendation. So I am leaving this for the best guy in this business...
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    Frag 176-191

    I'd like to know what's the best dose for best results this works well at 250mcg so I'm asking in case I might be running it too lightly
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    blackstone labs lgd elite

    Hello this was a message for dylan gemelli. I apologise for posting the comment on youtube asking my question. But I was the one having the lethargy and just not feeling optimal mid day. But then when i take it and workout i feel amazing. The company i received it from was blackstone labs and...
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