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  1. AsapSlim

    is roids mall fake or a scam?

    Was looking online and came across this website, anybody know anything about them? Are they legit is what im asking
  2. AsapSlim

    Pct for low dose test cycle

    Could i do a traditional nolva/clom pct for a low dose 250-300mg a week test e cycle?
  3. AsapSlim

    sarms stack (gaining lean mass) question

    Can i put on 15 pds of lean mass by combining S4, LGD and RAD with a clean bulk and training regimen? Sarms (andarine and cardarine) helped me cut in a major way, just wondering if a bulk can/will be as rewarding? Anybody with experiences
  4. AsapSlim

    Do you prefer to cut or bulk?

    Im fairly knew to this and ive done an extreme bulk and ive done a extreme cut! But im wondering, which did i enjoy more or which one was my favorite? Im currently cutting and i do miss eating steaks, asparagus, beef, potatoes, over and over non-stop, as much as i wanted. I enjoy seeing my lats...
  5. AsapSlim

    can someone guesstimate my body fat?

    Stats- 33 5'9 180 I have calipers and done the pinch fold test, I keep getting different numbers but it's always around 15% (I'm still learning) can a more experienced boy builder give me a estimate?
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