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    Bloods help

    So I posted a few weeks back about missing bloods by a week.. so 1 week in I got them done.. stupid mistake but yeah, everything was in the normal range except test at 214 and estradiol at 43.. id like to even then out.. test back up a little estro back down a little any help would be awesome...
  2. B

    Tren e and Test e cycle blood work

    Hi guys, I am on tren e and test e cycle Never used tren before and I am concerned that tren might be fake, Have no side effects such as tren cough night sweats,rage etc I bought test and tren from the supplier here in Australia but different brands So I started my cycle with test e 300...
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    Blood work

    Hi, id like to get my mid cycle blood work done, could soneone advise me on the essential factors i need to know as some of the panels are very expensive. Total test, free test, Oestradiol? I messaged the company i used for my total test and Oestradiol kit and they quoted these...
  4. H

    blood donation during cycle

    hey guys, i've read some posts about donating blood during cycle. Their claim for blood donation are follows: 1. prevent high blood pressure from having too many RBCs 2. having fresh blood circulation by removing some existing blood any other reason besides above? How good is donating blood...