blood donation during cycle


hey guys,

i've read some posts about donating blood during cycle.

Their claim for blood donation are follows:
1. prevent high blood pressure from having too many RBCs
2. having fresh blood circulation by removing some existing blood

any other reason besides above?

How good is donating blood?
I've already read some guys against it, saying it is not a 'must' to donate blood.

What's your thoughts? is it some sort of broscience?

I'm hesitating at the moment.

thanks for your help!


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I belive it can reduce blood pressure but as far as it being a must I would say no not everyone has issues with blood pressure rises


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Well, it depends on how seriously you take your health to be honest. For anyone that cycles regularly, over time RBC and hematocrit rises. Especially for those that are on trt or blast and cruise. This raises blood pressure and thickens the blood more and more over time, substantially raising your risk of heart attack and stroke.

So for me blood donation is a no brainer. I like to keep my blood numbers where they are supposed to be...and the saving lives thing too is rewarding enough on its own.


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its NOT broscience at all and rick covered it... i need to go back myself... i had a very bad experience last time i went because a nurse fucked it up and i could not move my arm for days because she stuck me wrong so i have been hesitant but its very necessary and definitely something you should be doing...