blood work

  1. renglez

    Got bloods back today bloods back from *one today. Obviously the numbers are alarming. Im gonna get labs done again asap. I dunno if I believe these numbers, anyone have any experience with this trt clinic? Do they fudge the numbers in order to get your business? Any input would be appreciated.
  2. D

    Blood work

    Hi everyone, just had my blood checked before trying my first sarm cycle. These are the results OESTRADIOL 30 pmol/L TESTOSTERONE 24.5 pmol/l I'm assuming this is free test levels. They said the OESTRADIOL was below the normal range. Can anyone give me anymore advice on these figures? First...
  3. R

    Advice on Bloodwork

    Hi im looking to do a new cycle of Sarms. Haven't had blood done before for a cycle so am wondering: Which tests should I be looking to get? What should I be looking for in the tests? Is before cycle, week 6 and week 13 a good enough interval for each test? Thanks
  4. TestDeezNuts

    Base Level Blood Work

    Looking to order blood work for the first time to gauge my baseline levels before any using anything but I'm new to this... I'm looking at Private Med Labs right now. Is the Female Hormone Testing and Lipid Panel enough? Thanks
  5. P

    Post Cycle Blood Work Please Help

    Hey everybody, I just got post cycle blood work done and my testosterone and LH are significantly low.. Here are my results: Test Name Result Reference Range TESTOSTERONE 67* 250-1100 ng/dL TEST/FREE 13.8* 35.0-155.0 pg/mL Test Name Result...
  6. RUCingdsgainz

    Blood work off so doc prescribed Chelex heard of it?

    Blood was a lil thick and my liver enzymes were elevated as well I need to get this back on track as soon as possible as my new job requires me to get those issues situated. My Doc who prescribed me Test told me to take this supost to help with my blood and liver? Anyone tried it?
  7. RUCingdsgainz

    Blood work not makig sense

    Got my labs back today and my test level is only 1674 as apposeed to when I got bloods done 3 weeks in and they were 1634. I am 8 weeks in to my test only cycle. For the first two weeks I was on only 100-200mg of Test a week the. I bumped it up and additional 250 to 300 a week and my test level...
  8. TotalPackage

    Quickest Way to get Testosterone Level down to high normal

    Hey guys I need some ideas. My TRT practice caught me off guard........they want 6 months bloodwork. I've been with these guys for four years now..........I didn't think I was due for blood work until October. My TT level is probably at about 4200 right now........using 600mg test /week right...
  9. T

    Bloods All Over The Place - Suggestions?

    Brief history - found a tumor in my pituitary gland, and was prescribed HRT almost 12 months ago, namely HGH and TRT. I've also had several spinal surgeries and some nagging pains, so decided to try out a therapeutic Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) dose recently. My protocol for the past 6...
  10. G

    My Natty Blood work - No cycles run before

    Hi, i am new to the forum but have been watching Dylan's youtube videos for a while now. Creatine and BCAA are the only things i have taken in the past. I have finally decided i am going to do a Sarms cycle - Ostarine 5-8 weeks in length 20mgs per day Over the last 5 months i have dropped...
  11. B

    Blood Work Question

    Dylan, I know from your video that you recommend getting blood work done pre, mid, and post cycle. What specifically should you get tested for each of these? I know Test (free and total), and Estradiol are a given. But what about RBC and Cholesterol? Other markers? Thanks
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