Got bloods back today


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bloods.jpg bloods back from *one today. Obviously the numbers are alarming. Im gonna get labs done again asap. I dunno if I believe these numbers, anyone have any experience with this trt clinic? Do they fudge the numbers in order to get your business? Any input would be appreciated.
i cant throw stones and say that with any certainty... if you are worried, go get bloods at privatemdlabs or with your doctor if you have insurance... most of us do not trust trt clinics whatsoever
I would recommend avoiding TRT clinics if possible. They generally are after money more so than anything
Thanks Dylan, im takin it with a grain of salt. Hence reordering bloodwork. Aprreciate the input bro
if they are doing that then that is flat out fraud. remember trt clinics are run by BUSINESSMEN, not doctors. they send your info out to a doctor somewhere else who signs off on what they want. its a very crooked industry
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