Blood work off so doc prescribed Chelex heard of it?


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Blood was a lil thick and my liver enzymes were elevated as well I need to get this back on track as soon as possible as my new job requires me to get those issues situated. My Doc who prescribed me Test told me to take this supost to help with my blood and liver? Anyone tried it?5D3F4316-ADF2-4B2C-A1BD-F8522DCD5D4A.jpg49F9DF0D-D64B-48CE-BB3A-BF1D3D036FD1.jpg
I can't really make it out either, but if it's an otc product your doc said to use I'm sure it's fine to use. If you need to get liver enzy,Es down honestly the best thing to use is TUDCA
From what I found its by prescription or an authorized provider. Looks like an antioxidant and is used to remove heavy metals and toxins from the blood.
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