1. R

    First Blast

    So I have never blasted before, but have been on Doctor prescribed TRT for almost two years. Prior to TRT I had zero experience with steroids. How does this look? I prefer a short ester due to the frequency of the bloods my doctor requires. Age: 34 Height: 6'2" Weight: 190 BF: 12% Week 1-8...
  2. G

    Winstrol After Blast?

    Im about to go on a ~12-14 week long bulking blast of 600mg Test Cyp/week and 400mg Deca/week. After this I plan to drop down 150-200mg test Cyp/week and 50-100mg Deca/week (joint helath). When I drop back down to my cruising dosage I plan to start cutting. Can I immediatly jump back in with a...
  3. Romes20

    Spring Blast

    This Spring will be my first experience with Tren. Curious about any input. I am a low-moderate dosage guy. Again stats are 33 years old, 5'11", 201lbs, 12%bf, 6+ years training, looking to recomp. Currently on Doctor Prescribed TRT. (75mg e5d) Weeks 1-12: Test Cyp 75mg e5d (leave as is) Weeks...
  4. JamesT

    If You Had To Choose ONE Test/Hybrid for 12 Months Blast And Cruise?

    I'm definitely not ready to be doing any AAS, so I'm just focused on losing BF% and simultaneously gaining mass wherever possible. I'm on TRT, using Test Cyp currently at 200mg/week cruising - thinking of a blast within the next few months, just waiting on proper AI as my doctor gave me...
  5. Romes20

    Low Dose Blast +Cruise +Blast before first contest +PCT ? (Crowdsourcing ideas)

    I have decided that I want to do my first physique competition, but I want to work on both the discipline, timing, etc by doing a dry run. The show in question would be April 2018 so I want to try to do a practice run from Mid-October 2016 to a simulated Contest Date of April 15, 2017. I feel...
  6. B

    Blasting crusing sarms help

    So im planning running a 12 week anabolic cycle, (mass belnd of deca and eq) oxys for 1/4 weeks, then at the end of the deca cycle, im unsure to pct or to cruise and add in mk677 till im ready to hit my cut cycle for holiday? Any ideas Also Best test to cruise on? And best pct protocol for 12...
  7. Romes20

    Cycling or Blast/Cruise cross roads- When to switch?

    A bit of background as I don't post too often here. I am 32 years old, 192lbs, 11-12%bf, 6'. Diet is 90% clean and I push it in the gym 5-6 days a week. I have been training for about 6 years now and I feel like I am always battling to strike a balance between gym warrior and an office...
  8. D

    first tren/sustanon cycle

    First of all i did deca/test e. cycle before with 400mg deca and 600mg test e. More then 1 year past and i wanna use tren this time. I am 25 y.o. 170cm with 85kg training for 10 years and stats are %13-14 bf. Lifting 130kg bench, 150kg squat and 200kg deadlift. I prepared the incycle pills and...
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