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    E2 crash

    I am pretty much sure i crashed my e2 hard. My girlfriend says to try take some birth control pills or is this just plane stupid?
  2. C

    Aromasin Dosage

    Hey guys, I'm seeking advice regarding aromasin dosage. I had blood work prior to starting my cycle, it came back as low testosterone and high estrogen(see below). I'm wondering whether it would be wise to increase my aromasin dosage. I'm having trouble finding info on how to properly adjust. I...
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    Aromasin eod on cycle

    Hey all, I'm preparing for my second cycle and I have some questions about aromasin. I completed a five week dianabol cycle earlier this year. 30mg/day. Got some good gains from it. Some people said they needed 12.5 aromasin eod every day on that cycle. Others said they did 12.5 every other...
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    2nd PCT Advice?

    What's up guys I'm currently waiting for bloodwork on E2 and Prolactin as well as general T levels and such. I'm waiting ever so patiently but in the event my urologist isn't helpful and or won't prescribe me anything, I wanted to get some advice on a second PCT option. My current levels...
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    Need Help Recovering, advice please!

    Here's my current bloodwork: Test : 540 (standard range 249.0 - 836.0) LH: 4.1 FSH: 1.4 TSH: 2.04 My last cycle was Test E 500mg for 12 weeks and it ended late 2015/early 2016. I'm pretty sure I recovered fine (I did HCG 250 iu 2x per week after last pin, plus clomid/Nolva afterwards) I...
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    Uh Oh! My Exemestane disappeared!

    I've searched and searched and I cannot find it. My Aromasin grew legs and I'm 5 weeks into my first test cycle. I was taking 12.5 mgs of Exemestane eod as my AI Currently running 350 mg test-e/wk, along with 50 mgs of S4 along with GW and SR-9009. I feel like a god. Once I had accepted that...
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    Complete Newbie...Have mercy!

    Hey guys I'm a new member after stumbling across DG's videos on Youtube. I'm loving the forum, lots of really good advice and a great bunch of helpful and friendly members. I'm 38 and I've just got back into weight training after a long 2 year hiatus. I know for a fact I have high estrogen...