1. T

    S4 Andarine Timing

    Hi guys i really want to run an s4 cycle like 8 to 12 months. I'll do it solo for the strenght boost since i'm more into powerlifting than bodybuilding(starting to get really interested though) i dont want to put on weight too much. Now my question is WHEN TO TAKE S4 since it only lasts 4-6...
  2. C

    LGD 4033 & S4: Reviews? Suggestions?

    I will be running LGD 4033(10mg/day) and S4 for 12 weeks(25mg/morning 25mg/noon). This will be my first cycle and I have been researching non-stop for about 2 months now. At this point I feel over-saturated with everything I am reading. I am very aware of all the benefits for size that this will...
  3. A

    Adding S4 to my LGD cycle.

    Hi all! I have been running LGD for about 2 and a hlaf weeks now and was considering adding S4 into the mix as well as GW. I read on a post somewhere on here that even if adding s4 a little later in the cycle like I am I can still run it the full 12 weeks even once stopping the lgd. My question...
  4. AsapSlim

    S4 Dosing

    Im confused as to how long you can run s4. Ive seen multiple people say that 8 weeks max but then i get on sarmsx and see they have a 12 week cutting stack that includes the sarm s4...which one is it 8 or 12?
  5. AsapSlim

    S4 from sarmsx?

    I've read a lot of threads from guys who recently started s4 and they all seem to have something in common, no eye sides! I received a bottle from them in June and it had me blind as hell (50 mg) but I finished it. I then ordered another bottle to complete my 8 week cycle and this time it looked...
  6. AsapSlim

    Underdosed or bunk or normal?

    Hey I have some s4 andarine from sarmsx, this is my second order by the way. I remember each bottle having some particles (compound) floating around in it but this batch I just received today my s4 has very little particles floating in it and I'm not very confident in its potency. Does anyone...
  7. V

    S4 cycle questions

    Hi everyone, I am a hockey player who is starting his training camp on August 15 and I wanna do a 4 weeks cycle of S4 starting July 1st. I won't see any big gains for 4 weeks and I know that. The reason I wanna do a 4 weeks cycle is because I don't wanna have any supression after. Do you think...