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    Side Effect Information

    We all know different steroids have various degrees of side effects. Often, higher androgen values lead to greater or more numerous side effects.
    There was a study done (Bayer?) a few years ago. In your DNA is something called CAG Repeat, which determines the sensitivity of the androgen receptor to androgens. Someone with low sensitivity needs higher testosterone levels to feel normal. Someone with high sensitivity is normal at lower testosterone levels. With AAS, if you have high sensitivity, products like Tren and Halo will give an above average amount of side effects, both mental and physical. Low sensitivity, the opposite. For the non-AAS population, high sensitivity might be preferred because age and health related declines don’t matter as much. For the AAS population, low sensitivity is likely preferred.
    Updated info on TRT:
    This info is similar to what I’ve come across in my research the past couple years, but it’s nice to have it all in one place and well explained. I’m going to try to get my urologist to watch it, as his info is a bit outdated.

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    On muscle growth:
    Androgen receptor density in muscle and bone is a primary determinant of responsiveness to AAS or non-AAS to strength training.

    So if you have DNA determined low androgen sensitivity, but you can still gain muscle easily, you likely have a lot of androgen receptors in your muscles to account for the low sensitivity. And vice versa for the opposite case.

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    Hmm very interesting, did not know that. Thanks man. I do believe the more often you "use" that your receptors do down-regulate. Some say recpetor saturation isnt a thing, hard to tell.

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    Side Effect Information

    Like HCG on leydig cells (or insulin on most cells), high levels of steroid hormones, like those seen with bodybuilders, can over time reduce androgen sensitivity. This is why taking breaks is so important, even if you are on TRT.

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