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Thread: Question about a cycle I did

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    Question about a cycle I did

    Hey Dylan. I just messaged you on Instagram.
    I have a question about my cycle that I ran when I was 18 years old. Iím 24 now. The prohormones I used were Trenbolon for a month and D bol for a month. The PCT I used was an aroma tase inhibitor called thrust. I got it at active nutrition. I have a feeling I didnít do PCT correctly because I developed Gynecomastia in one nipple and I have a low sex drive and trouble putting on muscle no matter how much I lift.

    Itís been so long and I have a feeling my hormones are still messed up. Am I screwed ? What can I do?

    I have 10 mg Nolvadex pills prescribed to me monthly so I can take those. Do you think that my hormones are still out of balance and if they are will they be like that forever ? Iím really worried as you can probably tell. Please tell me what I need to do to get back to normal if Iím not already back to normal. I donít know if the body just naturally brings itself back up to normal or not or if I need a drug to help me. Thanks man!

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    you need to go get a full blood panel... im not a psychic man... i have no clue what kind and how much damage you have done without bloodwork...

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    we need to see bloodwork here

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