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Thread: how long do you have to wait for 2nd cycle?

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    how long do you have to wait for 2nd cycle?

    sorry just a quick question , do i have to wait about 3-4 weeks after my pct to start my 2nd cycle? or can i start it right after im done with my pct ?


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    There is no cookie cutter answer
    Time on = time off


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    is there a certain wait period for time off ? i hear some people on the forum say that you should wait approx 4 weeks after your pct to start your next cycle. but then i hear some people saying that you can start up another cycle right after your pct.. so kind of confused...

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    say you do a 12 week cycle...wait 2 weeks to start PCT...PCT takes 4 weeks...THAT EQUALS 18 WEEKS

    You then wait 18weeks from the end of your PCT before starting another cycle

    CLEAR ?

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    it depends on the scenario... are you asking about sarms or steroids???? YOU CANNOT BE SO VAGUE!

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    i apologize, i am speaking about sarms.

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    with sarms you wait 3-4 weeks in between each cycle... if you are wanting to start sarms after a steroid cycle, you can start immediately after your finish your pct but if it is just sarms to another sarms cycle then it is 3-4 weeks

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    Dylan cleared it up perfectly for you bro. I hope that answers what you need, but if you have any other questions just let us know

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    let me know if you have any further questions brother

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    awesome thanks alot you two, always count on you guys for advice!

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