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Thread: Cycle questionnaires

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    Cycle questionnaires


    I watched your video about testosterone deca and Primobolan cycle.

    1 - 14 Test-E. 350mg/week
    1 - 14 Deca. 350mg/week
    1 - 14 Primobolan. 600mg/week
    1 - 14 Proviron. 50mg/day
    N2Guard 5 caps each day

    And ofcourse my multi-vitamine, omega 3-6-9, vitamine C.

    How much Arimidex should i take as a AI?
    And i can’t get my hands on Dostinex what is a suitable alternative? And can i add orals, If so which one is the best option?

    Keep up the good content! It helped me alot

    Kind regards,

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    i would use aromasin at 12.5 mg eod... if you only want to use arimidex, then .5 mg eod

    if you dropped the deca down to around 300 mg, you could probably just get away with vitamin b6 for prolactin... if not, prami would be the other option instead of dostinex...

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