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Thread: Cycle Question-Tren A

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    Cycle Question-Tren A

    Can you take a look at this plan and let me know your thoughts. I have ran numerous cycles with compounds including Deca, EQ, Test, NPP, Tbol, Dbol, Winny, 1-Test (I had to discontinue this one due to major PIP which I knew was a possibility), etc. I have been wanting to try Tren for a while but the possible sides have kept me from it. I tried the 1-test as an alternative but couldn't do it due to PIP.

    33 years old
    Around 20% BF
    I know you recommend lower BF but I get bloods done regularly and my levels are all optimal. I know its recommended to do only Tren and Test on your first Tren cycle but I have tried Tbol and EQ in previous cycles and they were very mild. I was thinking the EQ and test drawn out a little longer would help maintain my hardness and vascularity for summer trips.

    Test C 250mg per week Weeks 1-20 (inj 2 x week)
    EQ 250mg per week Weeks 1-20 (inj 2 x week)
    Tren A 250mg per week Weeks 1-8 (inj EOD)
    TBol 50mg preworkout Weeks 1-6

    Caber .5 2x per week Weeks 1-15
    Cialis .5mg ED Weeks 1-20
    Adex .5mg EOD Weeks 1-20
    Cardarine 20mg ED Weeks 1-20

    Drop to TRT test after week 20 for a cruise. Please let me know if you would change anything. I respect you and WILL listen.

    How does this look?

    I love your videos BTW...very informative! Thanks for doing what you do, brother!

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    i cant advise you to use steroids at 20% body fat brother and especially not a more advanced cycle like this... i would be putting you in harms way and i simply cannot and will not do that... im sorry...

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    Steroids are not used to get people into shape. They are tools for people in shape to take things to the next level. Revisit when you're below 15% "bf.

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    At 20% bf you are asking for a lot of problems... especially if you’re using Tren etc.

    You need to understand diet better before proceeding to layout AAS cycles.

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