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Thread: Cycle question

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    Cycle question

    So, based on the advice in my last lost, despite my buddys great track record with the other Co. I decided to ditch and grab another bottle of osta from Es. Only problem is, it won't come until Monday... I have like maybe 2 doses left, maybe. More likely one... With such a short halflife, I feel like I'm gonna be halfway to clearing it by the time it comes. Before you guys crucify me, I DID have my 8-12 on hand, but it was from another company so I ordered a new 30 day from Es and now I may end up missing a few days. How detrimental to the cycle would a day or 2 be, like is it no big deal? Or should I just wait a few months and start again? Somewhere in between? Thanks for the advice

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    In my opinion, missing the 2 days isn't the end of the world and you should continue the cycle (assuming the postal service doesn't drop the ball).

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    I was sort of hoping that would be the case, I really don't wanna stop early I'm really liking it

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    2 days wont matter at all... you will be just fine man... dont think twice about it

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    Awesome, good to hear. Thanks so much

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    no problem

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