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Thread: Clomid/Nolva

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    Hey everyone..

    Looking to get some Clomid/Nolva doing 50/25/25/25 and looking to purchase in the US online obviously and to use my debit card. Not international/bitcoin. Looked into PureRawz PCT, they have clomid-anastroz? Not sure what that is well the anastroz part is and Tamox-Clomid which idk the difference between these and if this is fine but also itís In liquid form in a 40mL bottle. If this is fine let me know please I would highly appreciate that! But also sources down below please thanks everyone!

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    Who the [email protected]+( would be dumb enough to sell you domestic gear using a debit card!?

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    The ease of a credit card is very tantalizing . As you already know 98% of sources do not accept CC's which has to make you think there is a reason and there is. Never heard of that source but you may want to figure out something else. Do you really want your #'s out there. Some things on reddit I would check out.

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    hit me up for our email and we will get you a list

    no we don't take debit card but our payment is simple and safe

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    Shit.....Iíll take a Starbucks gift card.

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