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Thread: Bitcoin & DarkNetMarkets?

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    Bitcoin & DarkNetMarkets?

    I'll lead by saying that this post is more just to 'potentially' bring more awareness to the vendors and buyers here - that there's basically sites like "eBay for drugs", complete with listings, categories, sub-categories, escrow services, shopping cart, star ratings and reviews for products and vendors etc - even auctions if you want.

    It's also completely encrypted, and you can use encryption programs for messaging, that hackers use - so you're totally anonymous. It's called PGP.

    Maybe it's only because I'm new on here, but I've already experienced slow order processing, and then my credit card was charged from a different country, it all took like 5 days from the time I ordered for item to be shipped - hence I figured maybe they just don't know about the better options out there.

    I'm not going to go into too much detail, and I hope I'm not breaking any forum rules here - just honestly trying to help. I also personally haven't attempted to create my own DarkNetMarket - as I'm not at all involved in selling anything online.

    But if it WAS my business, I'd 100% be on there for sure - and I'm sure it's not rocket science, you could probably figure it out or outsource quite easily - with some turnkey solution. It just seems to me that it'd be much safer and more efficient.

    Bitcoin is a mystery for many - but really, it's just another crypto-currency, which enables you to anonymously send funds to anyone in under an hour. It's like PayPal, but without the exorbitant fees, less traceable - probably the closest thing to cash transactions.

    I'm still seeing Wester Union as a payment option - which should definitely be replaced by Bitcoin.

    All I'll provide for those who are possibly interested, this should help get you started.

    2) (edited the link, as it looked phishy - Tor is just a hardcore privacy, anonymity browser, where DarkNetMarkets live, only way to access them)
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