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    Specific compound source

    Well hopefully this isn?t a stupid question and I hope I can find some help because I?m having one hell of a time finding this two compounds that I need 100% for health reasons and benefits, long story short I usually would get my stuff from over seas but he little fuckers of the customs keep...
  2. T reviews and special offers

    Also the tren I got is like fucking legit lol it?s liking my ass at 20mg per week bro, my cardio is down and I?m huffing and puffing but strength and other things are coming on fast, including sides this shit is real!!!
  3. T reviews and special offers

    Tren is soMerging you have to respect or it will ruin you fast. I?m runing this for the last time ever. It?s god of anabolics but the mental sides are bad. I got the zphc brand. Yea man stick to anabolics that don?t mess with you?re mental state. Or if you are be very ware of the outcomes and...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Well I have blood work on my current dose of trt and it was messing with my estrogen l?vels. I started using an Ai and boom all The sudden I started loosing body fat and I lost the bloat. I feel fine on the AI, no joint issues or other things.
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Yea my cholesterols are fine I?m Just kinda paranoid lol. I?ll be fine.
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Totally agree I have blood work proving 100 a week makes me aromatize enough to keep me chubby, I don?t think my AI dose is incorrect as it hasn?t crashed my estrogen and I feel good. Ever since I styled using it I started loosing weight. Something was wrong there.
  7. T reviews and special offers

    Update on my tren ace order, today I pinned for the first time and wow is this legit tren Ace lol. Stron af already feel something. Shipping was fast but it got one day delayd because of how backed up usps is at the moment. But nine the less it gets too you fast!!!! Better than my old plug witch...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Look I get it you get a lot of stupid questions and morons that ask for help and then do wtvr the fuck they want to do man. I am not that type Man When ask questions I?m being legit. like I?m tryng too learn on some real shit. Just know I?m always asking for good advice that will 100% be valued...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    I feel like your ?nobody is gonna have sympathy for you? is a litte Unfair man. I?m not challenging anybody or ?going against the grain? I?m literally asking a legit Question tryng to expand my knowledge. Could of just said. Nah I don?t recommend it it?s not worth it there?s not enough scentfic...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    How much are you using? Test and Arimidex, I think it?s when we start abusing the AIs that it starts to affect lipids I?m doing some more googling, i found and article were it said exemstane had neutrol effects on lipids. The reason I?m also asking is because I?m about too trow in 100 of tren on...
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    Aromatize inhibitor(exemstaine) aka aromasin

    Well as I?ve mentioned before I?m on trt etc but there is yet again a Question that yet again the internet just wont help find. Well to be more specific All I could find is yes and no witch is why I?m asking the People on here who have more experience than me on the subject. Will exemestane...
  12. T reviews and special offers

    I just got me some tren ace from domestic supply I will let you guys know how it goes One thing I winks say is greg was super helpful and shipped my order right way I?m liking them I?ll get back to y?all
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    Kratom caber while on tren

    Sorry I meant mg12. That dose has not crushed my estrogen and feel really good. No more watery estrogen bloat and I?ve lost 10lbs in a short amount of time since starting the exemstane. My estrogen came back high on that dose of test. I guess I?m a heavy aromatizer although I am not gyno prone...
  14. T reviews and special offers

    Cash app is absolute garbage it?s frustrating buying bit coin trough them. Do yourself a favor and sign up with Coinbase they are GTG or do some research on top crypto wallets and traders and you?ll be good bro, also you might wanna try coin mama they let you buy ASAP after signing and a little...