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  1. T Not reponding to emails after the purchase.

    Hipo is good ppls, dude is a busy body. I would email him on a Monday and he would respond Wednesday. Sources have lives away from their business. Not to mention time zone differences, patience bro
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    TD robo crew!

    Same with liquid var. I had it in my car when i had to pick my kids up, they were asking what the smell was.
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    I can tell you a source not to use...peptides warehouse

    Couldn't have said it better. When you have multiple ppl saying or having the same solid contact come thru its believable that indeed that lab is to be looked at with confidence. With those reviews posted with testimony it impacts your choices
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    Hipo td, and extra point on service

    Bottle of test, t4, 100-10mg var, 4 packs of 25mg var First package was missing the 4 packages of 25mg var Contacted hipo, immediately he responded and assured me that things were going to be solved and shipped. And after he stated that yes a new package was otw, 6 days its at the house...
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    Naps fell off

    The biggest pain was their WU Receiver were always flagged, had to get money refunded and repeat process. The wait time was just as bad. 2-4 weeks. Since i have come here, the labs are better and ship faster. I would never order a non sponsored source, like naps ever again
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    hipocampus TD

    I'm still watching WU tracking #, once they get it picked up i should be gtg. Hipo came thru b4, sure they will again
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    1 donut a day bad?

    What's a donut?
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    Pharmacom Labs FULL product line CATALOG

    Inbox still full
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    tren-no sleep

    Might be taking to much, ace or enth? How many runs do you have done before your first tren run
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    Real primo and var!!!???

    I know your intro is a work inn progress, and welcome aboard.
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    plz sir dylan help me big fan from india

    Fist post with something like this...... going nowhere9
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    IWGF source

    Sharing the same goals with you two training hard makesworkouts more competitive and worth while. You both are supporting one another, my applause. Keep killing it
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    Pre Blood Work Done, Advice

    I can't make anything out on the pic
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    Titan TD

    I have read some ppl using it as such, i might do a little more research. Give it a chance
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    Titan TD