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    Running GW-501516 (Cardarine) by itself?

    Dylan & RickRock--- For me currently, the most convenient time to dose my cardarine (running it by itself) is in the morning at about 7AM, and I workout later in the day at 3PM. Is this OK or would you strongly recommend finding a way to get the dose 30 min before? Thanks
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    Hey all, 1 month into my 3 month cardarine cycle from SarmsX. So far, I have seen zero results. I have dosed 1 ML before training. My sport requires a lot of running, etc. and the cardarine isn't helping my gas tank at all. One thing I might be doing wrong... I keep it in my car for 7 hours...
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    Cardarine Not Working

    Hey all, About 9 days into my cardarine cycle from Sarmsx running as a stand alone. Dosing 20mg a day 30 min before workout. Haven't seen much effects so far. Diet has been OK, but not great (going to try to kick that up) and I've been running hard workouts for 2 hours a day. Anything I'm...
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    Cardarine Dosing

    First of all, I'd like to shout-out SarmsX for being the most above-board and genuine company in the industry. Going through my second order process from SarmsX and I am again impressed with the customer service. No shady stuff from SarmsX... Good stuff. To my question.. Running a...
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    Cardarine Cycle Help

    Dylan & Others- Me and my buddy are wrestlers looking to peak by February for the State Tournament. We're really attracted to the endurance gains promised by cardarine. We plan on running a 12 week stand-alone cardarine cycle (3 bottles). Couple questions: 1. What is the best provider of...
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    S4 (Andarine) Help!

    me and a buddy just ordered two bottles of S4 (Andarine) - 50mgs/ml @ 30ml. We chose S4 because we are wrestlers and we are looking to peak for a tournament we have about a month from now. We are attracted by the muscle endurance effects. We aren't necessarily in it to get huge, or else we...