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  • Hey man, I was wondering if youre still repoing for biotech and if so, are you able to speak to their primobolan? Thanks so much man.
    Whats up RickRock? Just read an amazing review about you and biotech taking fabulous care of another member. I’ve always used pharmacom but can’t do international anymore cuz to many seizures. I understand the prices will be different but it’s a comfort I’m ready for. Can you send me the price list? Will I order through you or will it come with instructions? Thanks for your help man. Can’t wait to hear from you.
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    Hey Rick!

    I have some questions when it comes to dieting. I am about 237, 6’7. I am somewhat chunky however. I ordered 8 weeks of LGD, Rad, and S4 from biotech. I was planning on trying to bring my body fat from about 17% to maybe 12% while putting on some muscle. Ideally, I’ll like to stay 237 with less fat and more muscle. My fat is most seen around my waist (have those love handles), so I am implementing more cardio to hopefully help with that. I was thinking of doing intermentent fasting. Does it make any sense to do IF for my goals? And if so, how would you recommend I go about it as far as calories go. According to my understanding, I won’t burn any fat if in a caloric surplus even if I’m IF. Naturally, I also want to add a little bit of strength. I broke 315 on the bench recently and want to be able to continue to build on that while cutting some fat. Basically, I’m going for a 8 week true recomp using those compounds and considering IF. Any advice? Thanks Rick!
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