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  • New here and coming off of a horribly misinformed tren only cycle. To say the least I'm struggling 3 weeks last pin. I would love some insight and a product list. I appreciate any help I could get brother. Thanks
    I might get blood work I'm running testilone I know they won't drug test for it but will it show on blood work?
    Just seeing if I can get a price list. I was in the forum abiut getting screwed over. But I really appreciate all the help and feedback!
    I have a question regarding PCT cycle and time of dosage....I'm about to start the PCT Stack from which includes the following: LiquiClo, LiquiNol, LiquiAro, Cardarine (GW-501516), & Ostarine (MK-2866)

    My question is when is the best time to take it (ex. morning or evening?? Full stomach or empty stomach?? Before or after hitting up the gym??)

    Thanks any input would be appreciated.....
    hey man honestly I hope you feel better but I completely agree with Tx in getting the blood done, because those sides do seems harsh my man, best of luck to you man :)
    Good evening RickRock is it ok to take a preworkout drink with sarm? If so can you recommend one along with a multivitamin at Biotech.
    Thanks for all your help
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    hey greetings

    have got my order of lgd,osta,gw and sr9009--1bottle each

    have mild gyno..still clearing .. and am on ralloxifen 60mg/day

    looking to cut fat and have lean gains

    have heard osta gausing gyno but don't know if with existing ralox everday it will still cause trouble

    was planning to do an sr9009 alone 6 weeks and get rid of the fat(also aid in gyno clearing quicker due to fat loss) but was wondering if it would do anything for lean gains

    can u pls help me with the planning

    thank you
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