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  • Was going to run primeval tri andro
    Just want to make sure that I have everything covered and if this would be legit to run

    450mg epiandro
    225mg of 1-andro and
    225mg of 4-andro
    For 8 weeks

    Also using 100mg of arimistane
    And also primeval cycle support

    Then post cycle was going to run
    Primeval mega pct

    Your thoughts and also should I run the pct the same length of the cycle?
    What's up? Got a question...first of all I'm 41 years old so that should help on asking the question i have...i occasionally run 2 cycles a year....i have a eq question that i have never found an answer to... In terms of kickstart with faster acting agents...can eq be kickstarted...since it's ester is so long? If so could you make a video on kickstart eq if it is possible...thanks...and the youtube channel is awesome bro...very knowledgeable for a season guy like myself...and especially these young thundercats that gets a shit ton of terrible advice
    Greetings Dylan, I recently viewed some of your videos on youtube and found them to be very informative. I appreciate your sincerity and honesty concerning the proper use of anabolics. I am 44 years old and need to lose about 20 to 30 pounds. I want to start using anabolics after I attain a good level of fitness first. For once in my life I would like to know what it feels like to be healthy and fit and maintain a good level of fitness for the rest of my life. What would you recommend for someone like me at age 44 to start off as first cycle once I've dropped the necessary weight. The physique I'm shooting for is lean and strong, not so much on the bulky side but with the proper post cycle protection. Any advice would be greatly appreciated (especially where to safely purchase product) and thank you for all of the great information you put out there. Best wishes to you for this new year.

    Hello Dylan, I recently recieved sarmsx lgd, I've read about there being crystals left at the bottom on international orders I'm just wondering do I just shake it up each time or I seen people saying run under hot water and shake it? Thanks, kyle
    Hi mr gemelli my name is Dean and after a lot of hours of video and messaging I've decided that I would like to order some test-alone but before I do can you answer some questions please. I'm an Mma trainer on the wrong side of thirty and I'm finding it hard to recover natualy ' ive always been a natural athlete but these days I feel I need a little extra help. I've avoided aas all this time because I didn't like the though gyno or hair loss (given my father and brother are bald) do you think by taking testalone it will help me and how many ml do I take a day
    I've watch a lot of your videos and would like to thank you for the helpful info also stopping me making some big mistakes
    Thanks a lot
    Hey Dylan I was watching some of your videos and was curious about some of the topics you were talking about. One of them was about keeping gains after a cycle and your opinion on if that is possible. I am currently onot a prohormone cycle by lg sciences and they have a pretty good pct but I was watching a video by another you tuber named bios3tv and he completely disagrees with the idea of the possibility of keeping any gains no matter what you do. Another thing I was curious about was a video where you bash on dirty bulks. Do you not agree with the idea of iifym? I am pretty good with my diet I get at least 30 g of fiber 2 servings of vegetables and fruits and the rest comes from pretty much anything as long as it fits my macros. Of course during a cut my diet gets ''cleaner'' due to limited calories but I don't see why a iifym diet would be detrimental. I had another ? But can't think of it hope u get back to me thanks
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    Hey man first I wanna thank you for the amazing videos you do I have learnt a lot from you . I have a question what do you think of stacking masteron with deca and test cycle and what do you think of stacking tren with deca if I control my prolactin .and I want to thank you again ,cheers from Syria ✌✌
    New to this and I am wondering if you can give me advice on how to gain muscle mass as I have lost a bunch of weight.
    Dylan learned about the site from your YouTube vids! Great Job! Thanks for all the useful info you provide. I am looking for advice on a reliable source, any help would be appreciated. 6'3 220 looking to make the jump to 245lb!
    Dylan I am new to this just saw your YouTube vid on deca and u advise not to use it for the first time. If I have used tablets before would it be ok to move into deca next stacking it with test.
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