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  • Hey dylan, could you maybe in the future make a video about the combination of anadrol and tren
    Hi Dylan,
    Just wondering if you’ve considered playlists on your channel to make it easier for your audience to watch your stuff.
    Love the content by the way,
    Hey man I’ve been looking around and saw that you look like the most reputable person here, I’m joining the Army soon so I want to do 1 cycle on SARMs but want to go about it the right way so I have a few questions for you, I’m 19 ( 5 foot 9)and 125 lbs wet, I’ve been working out for 6 months and haven’t seen much progression and I want to start 1 cycle on LGD, and recommendations for dosage/reputable sources? I’m going to do the cycle either way I’d just figure I would ask someone who knows what their talking about before I go and do more harm than good to my body. Thanks for checking out my message and I hope to hear back from you! Have a good one
    Hello Dylan, I have a question with regards for Sarms for women. I am athletic build 5'5" 135 and am a CPT...I am looking at stacking GW and LGD-4033. is that a good stack as I am looking to add lean muscle bulk and add definition while keeping BMI low without bloating. I want to do it in moderation. Is this a good stack and what should the dosing be if so? Thanks much
    Hi Dylan, I am 30years of old. Have been lifting for last 3 years and really struggling to gain muscle. I have tried to keep nutrition and exercise to the point. Yet I gain no muscle or very less ( 1-2 kg in 6months) and that too goes off, wen I am out of workout for a week or 2.
    Was going through youtube videos on testosterone only cycle and saw your video.
    I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to move ahead, is SARMS something I should go for? If yes, how should I start. Your suggestion and guidance would be of great help. Thank you!
    Hello Dylan, I’m Vive here. i’m new here to this forum. can I know, is it ok to run Tren Depot and Test Cypionate and Winstrol?
    I watch all your videos I have a question is a anti estrogen nessary on 100mg of test cypinate a week thank u new to the question...blockade vs organ st ......for cycle support ??? Can you go more in depth and tell me the pros and cons to both I ha e not yet tried ur organ st I have been on blockade for awhile a d it also has a lot of protection in it like organ st
    Hello. I’ve taking steroids on and off for about 5 years. It has been 2 years now that I’ve been completely off. I’m in my 40’s now. I know I have low T now. I have the fatigue and I get everything that comes with low T. Also I have the shrunken Testicles. Is there anyway to reverse my shrunken testicles problem. I never had the knowledge of PCT. I am wondering if there is anyway I can boost back my natural Testosterone ? What can I do? Thank you in advance
    Are there any products in Stock, i went to website and wanted to start a beginners bulking stack and 1st page popped up said " out of stock" til dec 5th.
    Hello Dylan,
    I've watched countless YouTube videos and have picked up very valuble info instead of listening to the meathead in the gym next to me.
    How do i get the Robolics price list?
    And keep up the great info. Guys like myself find it invaluable.
    Thanks Scott~
    I need some info on sources and prices, looks like your the leader, I'm new on 3rd cycle now. Running tren ace .5-.25-.5-.25etc. And 250 of test e per week just to keep dick hard... I have a script for letero 2.5 but still have some issues with Gyno, after research looks like I need a little caber. Also would like to get another source for gear if it could be faster. Hit me back, I would love to learn from you
    Hey Dylan,
    I have been watching all your YouTube videos and I have to say you are like a "Ocean of knowledge" and I respect & trust you so wanted to get your opinion.
    I am 34 and have been on TRT (prescribed) for almost two years. I ran couple cycles few years ago ( Sustanon and Tren Hex with PCT) and haven't done a cycle since besides cruising on TRT. I have a girlfriend but I don't want her to know that I am on gear so wanted to look more natural, hard and vascular since I have a very strict diet and in good shape.

    I was wondering blasting winstrol with NPP ( with Dostinex, Arimidex and nolvadex) would be something you would say someone could do for a 6 week cycle? Also wanted to see what you think of couple places to buy for research purposes like:
    Have you tried any of these or do you think any of them look reliable?
    Hi Dylan,
    I wanted to run a RAD140 cycle after reading up quite extensively on the matter.
    I believe there is no or minimal testosterone suppression yet I was still wondering if there would be a PCT you would suggest running in order to ensure most strength and muscle gains are kept.
    What would you suggest? Should I run a PCT and if so what would be the most effective?
    Thanks for your help
    I'm new to sarms and was looking for the best option to take. I am 6'5 200lbs so relatively thin. I am entering a new line of work where the bigger I am the better. I don't have money to throw around on stacks for consecutive weeks at a time . I am looking to gain as much weight and muscle mass possible
    Hello, I'm 36 and I want to try to research SR 9009, what is the proper conversation/dosage from mg to ml
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