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Hi, ladies and gents, Igor here from Croatia. 53 years old, year ago start to go in gym.
Age: 53
Ht: 5'64
198 lbs
Bf %28
Try to use first cycle, Iput it in second post.
Woof ! new member as of today, this is a new direction for me as i've been attending gyms for over 30 years, it was always to supplement my cardio activities. (Swimming, cycling, running half-marathons, triathlon - seemed like a no-brainer, more swimming). Ten years ago i had a good training buddy, and i was lifting one-and-a-half x bodyweight on squats and deadlifts. . . . i'd like to get back to that soon.


Age 51
Height 5' 10
Weight 158 lb
Bf 13%

BP 70kg
Squat 80kg
DL 80kg

I'm on the scrawny side for sure, lean tho and built for swimming . . . . snag with swimming now is my right shoulder is chronically sore, and i just cant do the 10 miles or so training / week to stay in shape. So the gym is kinder on my system.
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Hi guys, i'm Pierre, 33 years old from Avignon in France.

I'm 1m78 tall for 77kg weight.

Want to try new experience with Sarms ;)
I'm new on the forums but have been browsing for a while.
This is my situation and ultimately what brought me here.

I'm 40
been training since 2013 with a focus on endurance (I was a WL Firefighter) sports
I now have been weight training for the last year
A PPL split-pretty basic but effective for me in the past

I have all the symptoms of low T
But my numbers are high

My total test is in the high 800s
But my free test is in the shitter and my SHBG is through the roof

My Endo put me on gel
Four pumps per day (81mg)
He said it would not shut me down (that is when a red flag went up in my mind)
that statement alone makes me want to seek a new Dr.
I had a very hard time being taken seriously since my total test is so high.
The endo noted my symptoms and looked at my low free test and ultimately relented.

I have heard mostly bad things about gel and would like to self admin while still getting tested by the doc.
At the same time I would look for a doc who agrees with injections.
I seem like the perfect case for that ROA
Sometimes we have to take things into are own hands. Just the fact that the scale is so wide alone makes me think it's all a farce. If you have a couple of symptoms of low T as I did, I could care less what some scale and the Doctors interpretation of it means . It's amazing what 150mg of test enthanate a week has done to my overall wellbeing. ( 75mg every 3rd or 4th day) I feel like a new person on the inside and out.

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New here first time on today. Interested in learning as much as I can and doing this the right way so wanting good advice from experienced individuals.
26yrs old 6’2 210lbs.
Ran just one cycle a year ago of test 375mg weekly.
Looking for advice on my next cycle.
Splitting doses helps keep Test levels even. Check my Spring log in order to get a sense of how to prepare and work through a cycle. It is a more advanced cycle but you will be able to see the importance of research in training, diet, and gear use...

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Great post, thanks.
Damn, that is advanced.
I like your emphasis on diet and training, I can't agree more.
I have been really into nutrition for about 7 years.
Counted calories in 2013 while training for a fire crew at high elevation.
Taught me a lot about how I respond to certain macro ratios.
My gains were compromised by too much cardio though.
I was younger then and kind of an animal.
I was running about 70 miles per week when doing a PPL split transitioned into a Dumbell full body split every 3 weeks.
Did this for 5 months.
I was shredded in the single digits BF%.
Went down to the crew base which was a lot closer to sea level and blew the dust off of those young ones.

Anyway, I'm getting off track here.
Thank you for the info, Buddha!
I'm going on a TRT regimen and really hope to get back to my former self.
I keep a log of my workouts and focus on progressive overload with de-loading phases at 5 weeks.
Rippetoe's starting strength has been helpful.
I think I am going to count calories again just to get back on track.

I think I'm going to pick up some WPI (I use bone broth mostly as I am modified paleo but WPI is so effective for me post workout), some BCAAs, and I have a freezer full of protein sources. A good amount of wildcrafted meat to (donations from my hunter friends). I get down on a lot of sweet potatoes and eat fish (mostly sardines-good ones) enough to where I dont feel the need to supp fish oil. I do however supp vit D because I have been a little deficient. I take a whole food multi that has 5,000 ius of Vit D. It is the same brand where I get my bone broth from (when I don't make it). Luckily, I grabbed an instant pot and it changed the game for my meal prep.

Once more
I'm 40ish
very low body fat.
endurance focused athlete focusing more on strength training.
going to begin a trt regimin.. Dr suggests 200mg t cyp 1/wk w Arimidex and HCG.
I wanted to toss in some MK677 (I have had good results) and daily Cialis for its many benefits.
I have a muscle wasting issue right now and the Dr. actually told me he likes MK as an add on.
The sides from it are a bit annoying though.
Makes my hands numb AF in the morning but I sleep like the dead.
It makes me HUNGRY AF!! but that is a side that I use to my advantage.
My low T kills my appetite and the debilitating apathy it causes makes me not want to cook, eat or have sex.
Ugh, I am ready to supplement and get back on track.
Hope I did not go out of bounds with this post in any way.
I like constructive criticism and any suggestions and/or questions are appreciated.
Thank you for reading this novella.
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G'day all . Just joined today , I'm 35 lifted on and off for 15 years , used various things in the past. test , tren , sus , deca , masteron , anadrol . Haven't done anything at all though for almost 2 years now and keen to try out some sarms after hearing an interesting podcast on it . If anyone has any info on a legit Aussie supplier please PM. Cheers Mick

Ended up joining here after trying to find an active forum with quality advise / threads. iSarms seemed to be what l was looking for and after watching Dylan's videos l'm glad to be a part of it.

28 Years Old
179cm Tall
14% BF (DEXA scan)
Lifting on and off for around 10 years

I was an average power lifter with a 550kg total at 80kgs and have since moved into training for hypertrophy only. Massive shift in training / diet focus so l'm keen to see the changes come.

I'm currently taking .3ml (83mg) of Test E subQ every 3 days and am going to start cycling sarms and keeping logs which is one of the main reasons l've joined. l just want to keep a consistent log detailing progress and receive some help along the way.

New guy, but not a young man. Just trying to gain that edge back. So far I’ve found some good info, glad I found this place.
150 pounds
Good guess 9-10% bf based off last bf test

Currently 4 weeks into cut
Goal is to cut down to about 6.5-7% bf or around 140-142 pounds depending how I feel since I’m not competing so I don’t need to be lower

Training since 16
(I was quite anorexic) started at 124 pounds after being fat for about two years around 155 pounds with 0 muscle

Goal is to get up to around 175-180 and maintain around 8%-10% bf year round

Last year I started my first sarms cycle of just ostarine and jumped from 136 to 146

Unfortunately have had two bad injuries since beginning training (one was not in the gym)

That’s why I have not progressed further even taking sarms. Torn peck put me out of the gym for quite some time. Then broken leg.

Been back consistently for about 6 months and I’m practically the same weight again but lower bodyfat

Next year my goal is to compete for the first time if I can keep above 150lbs at competition weight

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Hey all,

Johnny here

29 years old, 205 pounds, 6 feet tall on the nose, estimated 15 percent BF.

I don't really hit singles since lifting is more of a passion and power lifting isn't my interest but I'll throw out some training numbers in order to better introduce myself.

275 incline press for 6
435 pound deadlift for a triple
385 squat for 10

Have an extroidinarily long torso and short arms and legs, so my squat has always bested my deadlift much to my own chagrin.

Been a lifetime natural since about the age of 17 when I started lifting, but have been pouring over these forum just because I find it the knowledge almost intoxicating. Not sure if I'll stay natural forever, but my lifts are still going up ever so slightly every year. SARMS are also a completely new concept to me and very intriguing I must admit.

Again, great content. I've enjoyed so much lurking and learning over the past couple of weeks.
Ol. Dirty is back....
It’s been awhile and I’ve been lurking from time to time. I’m glad this forum is still running strong!
Some might remember my ‘handle’ from wayyy back.

56 years young,
6’1”, 245 lbs.... unsure of BF ~ 15-18%? Meh....
Currently on TRT & loving it.

Calorie intake is about 3000
Macros: 40P/F40/C20.... sort of on the brink of Keto I guess... could use some tweaking for sure.
No real goals except to keep pounding the plates.

Routine consists of: a mix of 3X5, 5X5, and GVT. Works well for me.

Me last fall at the ripe age of 55:IMG_0658.jpg

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I am new to the forum but been involved with lifting for about 4 years now ! I am currently 6'3'', 215 lbs, and 15-13% bf. Just introducing myself to this page looking for good sources for informations along with quality products sources!
New to the forum! 32 yrs old 6’1 215 probably around 17-25% BF. This forum has been my go to for cycle information. I have ran a few cycles over the years but always struggled with being consistent with my diet.
Looking to getting into sarms. I’m 22, 6,1, 200, and have been working out for about 8 years. I get drug tested at my work so I’m hesitant but willing to take the risk. I’m not trying to take steroids due the the fact I’m too young.
New member and rookie. Have been thoroughly acquainted with gym activity since I've been about 17 but time did its toll! recently getting back in and honing in on the 5x5 routine as I try to develop a solid foundation to lift from (pun intended). No stats to give and no photo but I would like to continue to learn about all this since knowledge with everything here is detrimental to success. Really looking forward to blast off (pun intended) and cant wait until I can set things on cruise control!
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