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Week 5 cycle update


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Tonight is the end of my 5th week on cycle.
Cycle is:
Anadrol 1-4
D-bol 1-5 ( liquid orals ran them dry)
Proviron 1-14
Test C 1-14
Decca 1-14
Caber, Armorosin, and perfect PCT waiting....I've listed amounts previosly.

Age 51, weight as of last Saturday 261.5lbs
Feeling really good right now, so far haven't noticed any sides to speak of...
Seated dumbbell shoulder press: 50x10,85x10, 95x8, 95x6
Standing fly's 25,35,40,50 x16
Bench went from 275x2 pre cycle to 275x6 and 315 x1, incline barbell: 225x7, 265x1 and today did EZ bar curls inner grip 100x10,120x10,140x10, 150x6
Standing dumbbell curls, 35x14, 40x10, 55x10, 65x6,35x14.
Leg pressed 748, 906 x16 wrist curled 135x16, 135x12
Over all very happy with these results after 5 weeks! Feeling good and sizel ooks respectable. I'm now a big fan of ROBO LIQUID ORALS. Happy with all my sources thus far. 9 weeks of killing it left to go! Merry Christmas to me right? I'll check in a couple of weeks. Thanks guys, hope you all have a happy holiday.

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