Trusted Peptides source?


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The sources I used in the past have dried up this year due to legality issues. Anyone have a good source for peptides that are actually quality and not complete underdosed garbage? Lol
This is who I would go with. Blue sky was selling bunk ancillaries a while back.

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All of my orders have been legit from them. I order a lot from Pharma Lady too and they are definitely a one stop shop. I’ve tried a lot of the peptides at Blue Sky. My favorite combo is ipam and cjc. I also like their IGF1 LR3. I’ve tried their ghrp2, ghrp6 and hexarelin. I really didn’t like the hex. I usually inject peptides about 30 mins before going to sleep. Hex made me feel hypoglycemic. I would end up breaking and stuffing my face at midnight. However, I would like to try the peptides from Pharma Lady. The problem for me is that they have so much to buy and I start ordering too much lol.
I'm undecided about Blue Sky, as the Ketotifen I ordered from them tastes like sugar water, which makes me a little suspicious. I'm looking for a good peptide source as well, in particular IGF-1 des, BPC, and TB-5000. Pharma Lady doesn't offer any of those. I might check out this Lifetech you guys mentioned.

I've used Evolution peptides in the past and seemed legit, but they are sold out of two of the products I'm looking for.
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