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This might be a long question if you decide not to read it I understand.
I'm looking for some advice but first I wanted to give you a rundown on what I've been dealing with.

The majority of my adult life I've been 125-130 lbs. At the age of 33-34, I decided to start working out and started to learn about nutrition. With that being said, I went from 125-130 lbs to 198 lbs. in a little over 3-4 years. A lot of the gains were fat but again nutrition was new to me so I'm cleaning up my diet now and am now down to 180 lbs.

In that same timeframe, I noticed I was lethargic, moody and just awkward feeling. At one of my annual physicals, I asked my doctor what might be wrong and he did a Testosterone test.

My total testosterone levels were low. I think they were at 247 or 237, something like that. He referred me to an Endocrinologist. I've been seeing her for the last 2 years and have had my levels tested 5 times. At one point they were as low as 222. Again total test levels.

When I asked her about Replacement Therapy she said no, apparently my Total Test Levels are low, my Free Test Levels and Bioavailable Levels are in the normal range but my SBHG levels are low. I also have elevated prolactin levels. We did an MRI on the Pituitary Gland and there is no evidence of a tumor.

I went to a TRT Clinic and they said I should be on TRT, HRT actually but I think that just means they want to add the inhibitor.

With all this info I wanted to ask your opinion on a few things.
Full disclosure my the last time I did blood work and she told me no TRT I said the hell with it, I've already got low T I'll go ahead and do a cycle of LDG-4033 and really screw myself up.

My levels still look the same, I probably got bunk LGD.

Anyway please see my questions below:

1.) Do you agree with my Endro that if my Free and Bioavailable T Levels are normal that I don't need TRT?
2.) What do you think about these TRT Clinics, they are very expensive and don't seem to care about anything but money. They also don't work with insurance companies.
3.) I thought about doing LGD-4033 for (1) week, giving it (1) week to get out of my system and then having my Endrocronologist run more blood work to try to suppress the free and bioavailable to get her onboard with TRT. Is this a good idea or will the LGD-4033 show up on the lab work and red flag her?


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1. no i do not agree with her at all

2. trt clinics generally are after your money and ive seen some absolutely horrific advice given although ive seen doctors give terrible advice as well

3. 1 weeks of lgd wont help but 12 weeks would... you can get REAL lgd or sarms at


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What do you think about me using an underground source to administer my own TRT protocol?

I'm thinking of buying some testosterone c and using 100 mg per week split into two 50 mg dosages twice a week.
I'll get blood work done in 6 weeks and adjust from there.
The one thing that worries me is if I should administer hcg and an AI into the protocol or wait until I get the test levels under control and then start looking into the additional medicines.

Sorry it took so long to respond to your reply, I'm new to threads and I just figured out how to get my password. Lol.


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Right on.
I'm waiting on my Endocrinologist to tell me where my blood work is sitting now.
I've got an appointment with a Urologist in August.
I'll wait until then to decide on the self administration.

Thanks for your help.


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Dude if you Test levels are In the 200s that is a def sign to go on TRT somthing ain’t right whatever it is. If you already went to a TRT clinic and they are willing to put you on Test why go to an underground source? Cost? It cheaper to go black market but at least at a TRT clcinic you will be under a doctor supervision and they usually make you do consistent blood work or at least mine does. Plus if somthing happens to your source if you only have one sometimes it easier to just hit up your doctor and get your AI or test whatever you may need.