Test / Tren ace/ tbol/ primo cycle


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Hey what’s up guys hope everyone’s having an amazing weekend.

Let me provide you with my stats before i proceed with my question .

Age 33
Weight 180
BF 11-12%

Number of cycles ran 7. Started to cruise after 32 years old.

Cruise consists of 200 test cyp weekly and 600 mg primo weekly.

Current blast:
Sustanon 250mg weekly split into 2 injections entire cycle.
Tbol 60/80 mg week 1-6
Tren ace 100mg eod week 2-10
Primo 700mg weekly for entire cycle

I run my test lower than tren as personal preference

Adex 1mg weekly
Prami .5 ed

My question guys is i have been blasting and crusing for the past 2 years and for the first time i have added primo into my cycle and i am loving it but i am also loving the effect tren ace has given me this time as my diet has been super on point.

It has gotten to a point that i don’t know when to stop tren ace. I have not felt any super bad sides.

I am terrified of losing the gains
I made with tren but at the same time am a. But confused as that nice recomp look i have now can easily be from the primo and the tbol and i look just a bit hard by adding tren to the mix.

Guys i am going into week 8 now with tren ace. What are your recommendations . Should i run it
Longer until i start feeling bad or drop it and just let the primo shine.