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Ultima Pharmaceuticals UltimaOxy is presented in a 50 tablet box with 2 blister packs of 25 tablets each. Each tablet reportedly contains 50 milligrams of oxymetholone according to the label and packaging.
The product was identified with a manufacture date of July 2019, an expiration date of June 2022. Batch number SH-127.
Label claim: Ultima Pharmaceuticals UltimaOxy has a label claim of 50 mg/tablet oxymetholone.
Actual content: Ultima Pharmaceuticals UltimaOxy was determined to have actual content of 49.93 mg/tablet oxymetholone.

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Worldwide PHARMA Official Distributor Since 2008

BioTeq, PharmaQo & Deus
Steroidify has always cooperated with the best manufactures on the AAS scene while constantly expanding the product line. "Searching for the best" is the motto ingrained by our team from the day one. Strict requirements and direct communication with our customers have given us the occasion to carry out only premium quality brands. This month we are glad to announce 3 new manufacturers in our product line:
Remarkable UKs BioTeq Labs with 20 years experience and GMP practice in Anabolic Products.
Elite Pharmaqo Labs with unique blends, beloved since our previous SIS Labs.
and Deus Medical suit - like pharma-grade quality.


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