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SARM cycle to bridge in between AAS cycle


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Hey guys,

So, it's been a little bit since I have used SARMS. I am currently on a AAS cycle of Test E and EQ, 350mg of test and 600mg of EQ a week. Loving this cycle, very clean gains. I guess I'll sneak this question in here so I don't have to make another post. I originally was planning on running this cycle 16 weeks, any problems if I bump it up to 20? Or is that kind of over kill?.

Okay, on to the sarms question. So, I would like to run a bridge sarm cycle after my PCT. I am for sure going to use GW501516. I guess I would prefer not to have to use a PCT after this. I can't remember, but what other sarms besides GW can I run where I don't have to use a PCT? Also, not trying to bulk at all. If anything, I'm trying to maintain my gains after cycle and cut a little fat.



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you can run it 20.. i personally would not but thats your call...

the sarms that require no pct are gw501516, sr9009 and mk677...


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I wouldn't go past the 16 weeks. If you run 20 and then a 6-8 week PCT, that is like being on gear for more than half the year straight. Really tough on recovery. I would cut it at 16 and run a comprehensive PCT. As for SARMs, you can use anything non-suppressive like Cardarine, SR, and Nutrobal. The only exception would be Ostarine if you kept it to no more than 25mg per day and no more than 4 weeks.


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You won't see any more benefit going 20 weeks. Id stick to 16 weeks

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