Rad140+LGD4033 12 week cycle


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currently finishing up a lgd4033 + s4 12 week cycle and have loved both compounds and feel very little suppression and will be following the standard pct protocol.

I plan on running (rad and lgd) once my pct is finished. I have heard these two compounds mixed are very suppressive and can even shut some people down. Anyone have any experience with this cycle or have any recommendations on how to mitigate the suppression. I respond very well to LGD and want to keep stacking other compounds with it such as Rad140 but wondering if these two compounds are not a good mix.

Thanks for the input.


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you want to run m1 mk on cycle to help keep suppression to a minimum... while both lgd and rad are suppressive, they are not highly suppressive if you have the real thing... has m1 mk and has sarms that you can rely so you should not have this type of worry...