RAD-140 and LGD-4033 Stack questions


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I recently started taking RAD-140 and stacking it with LGD-4033. I want to make sure I am getting the most out of it. My goal is gains...lean gains. I have my macros and caloric intake set, all adjusted to my weight and activity, I carb cycle though out the week (with days of caloric deficits and days of caloric surplus) and I workout monday through friday with HIT running (Saturday and Sunday are "active rest days" see my split below)

Monday Chest, Body weight Abs, HIT sprints at end of w/o
Tuesday Back, HIT Sprints at end of w/o
Wednesday Legs
Thursday Shoulders, weighted Abs
Friday Biceps, Triceps, HIT Sprints at end of w/o
Saturday Active Rest, abs light cardio
Sunday Rest day

RAD 25mg (morning)
LGD 10mg (morning)

Should I adjust my caloric intake to be higher since I am stacking these to sarms, or should i be keeping my caloric intake around what I usually have it at for lean-gains training. Additionally, should I make my trainig more intense (i.e. longer workouts, or hitting muscle groups more often that once a week) given that I am healing at a faster rate?
where did you get your sarms? 25mg is an odd dose for rad.

And yes, while on cycle, you should up your calories, I up mine by about 300 calories, but I have a very low metabolism
Whatever works off cycle works on cycle so adjust accordingly

Where are your sarms from?
I got my first order from sarmswarehouse, but my next order is going to be from sarmsx. I neglected to factor in all the positive reviews for sarmsx prior to ordering. As for the dosage, the bottle comes in 15mg/ml 30ml bottle so I just did the math to figure out how many ml equals 25mg.

I only chose 25 bec from all the posts its seems the sweet spot is between 20 and 30mg a day; but since I am stacking with lgd I figured I'll go a bit under the 30mg recomendation.
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Any dosages we give here, will not be applicable to what you have, as we dont know what it really is or how its actually dosed.
understandable, however i was not asking about dosage, just training and nutrition adjustments that may be necessry while stacking them
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