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Have a question that maybe you can answer. I’m 37 and Have been showing almost all the signs of low t over the last few years. Had my levels checked twice once was late afternoon and was @ 276. The second was am and was 380. My dr just always says it’s in the range of normal and that’s it, and doesn’t listen to my health issues. I’m going to do a 12 week test e cycle. After I come off prior to pct when would be a good time to have my dr test again to show a low level to finally hopefully get on the trt I need.


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that makes no sense whatsoever dude... your test levels will be off the charts if you do bloodwork then... you would want to run your cycle and then run pct and check it yourself first after your have been off test for many weeks and then it will be lower... you are going to screw yourself doing it the way you just said... it makes NO SENSE whatsoever


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Bro he answered your question, your asking the same thing twice. Doing bloods right after a cycle is going to have your levels whack as hell. Do your 12 week run if that’s what you desire then after two weeks run your pct for 4-6 weeks (again, whatever you desire and have planned). Then get blood work so you can have a more accurate reading of your natural levels. Personally I would wait another few weeks after the pct until you do so. Your levels are going to plummet once that ester from the test clears your system hence why he is stating it makes no sense because you will not have an accuarste measure of what your actual levels are.


Insanity...wanting to manipulate bloods to get a false diagnosis

Dude...IF you believe your current Dr isn't CORRECTLY treating you...
For fuck sake... change Dr's....don't try manipulating your blood levels

Go to.a.good endocrinologist....for proper diagnosis treatment and monitoring


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It doesn't work that way bro, and any doctor with half a brain can look at your bloodwork and know exactly what's going on. When you run a cycle it bottoms out your LH and FSH from running exogenous hormones. If you try to stop while your test levels are shutdown, let esters clear then try to falsify a test, there will be thus huge red flag that you were on anabolics by your numbers. I can almost guarantee you that.